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Humanscale Uses UBQ Material in Product of the Future

The theme of this year’s exhibition, which is running from March to September 2019, is “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival”, and as the Architect Magazine puts it explores interventions by designers, scientists, and artists aiming to our relationship with the natural environment. If you find yourself in the area, check out what is sure to […]

EuroNews Covers UBQ’s “Rubbish Idea”

The interview was conducted with top UBQ executives on site at Kibbutz Zeelim.   They introduced the new revolution in garbage conversion. UBQ focuses on waste left after recyclables and uses that unwanted, unsorted rubbish to produce a new material that will be used in the plastic industry.   “We have converted this garbage with […]

New Plastics Economy

The New Plastics Economy Report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, outlines a blueprint for a more environmentally friendly plastics system. The report recognizes the plastic industry as the most representative of the current linear model of “make, take and dispose” and aims to disrupt the industry through innovation.   Currently, only 14% of plastic is […]

AIPPI Israel 2018

UBQ Materials CEO, Jack ‘Tato’ Bigio, had the honor of introducing the UBQ Materials Solution at the AIPPI Gala Event as a part of the AIPPI Israel 2018: International Convention on the Economy of Innovation.   ‘It was a pleasure to speak at such an event with amazing thoughleaders and inspiring people. I felt especially […]

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Monetizing Waste

There are approximately 150 tons of plastic in the ocean, with one garbage truck of waste entering the ocean every minute. David Katz, founder of Plastic Bank, believes turning waste into a currency will encourage people to collect waste instead of dumping it.   David Katz explains how his company will change the way the […]

Impossible Foods

Food production accounts for as much global greenhouse gas emissions as all forms of transport combined.   We can’t tackle climate change without addressing what we eat.   That’s why, the team at Impossible Foods spent the last 5 years developing a plant based patty that bleeds, sizzles and tastes like any other hamburger.   […]

Food Waste

Around 50 percent of all produce in the United States is thrown away— $160 billion worth of produce annually.   Wasted food is also the single biggest occupant in American landfills, the Environmental Protection Agency has found. The organic material in landfills decomposes and emits Greenhouse Gases, specifically Methane which is 21x more powerful at […]

Debunking Common Myths

Myth: Landfill gas capture recovery systems are an effective way to address methane emissions from landfills. Fact: Landfill gas capture systems do a poor job of recovering methane emissions. Myth: Wet landfills or “bioreactor” designs will improve landfill gas capture rates and help reduce methane emissions from landfills. Fact: Wet landfills are schemes to speed […]

Climate Change Refugees

When we think of refugees, we often think of people displaced from their homes because of war or unstable governments.   When we think of refugees, we often think of people displaced from their homes because of war or unstable governments.   The small indigenous village of Kivalina is experiencing the devastating effects from climate change. This […]

Cash for Trash

Waste is an enormous problem globally, regardless of income level, developed infrastructure, and even certain policy frameworks.   Poorer countries lack good infrastructure and the trash often piles up in open [illegal] dumps and in many places directly on the streets, side of hilltops, or into our rivers and coastlines.   Although developed countries have […]