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UBQ and MOLET, Doing Good Together

When UBQ says we care, it doesn’t just pertain to our material or waste conversion processes.

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Case Study: Daimler
Case Study: Daimler

Automotive giant Daimler AG, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, announces it will test UBQ in the production of automobile parts...

UBQ is the Newest Addition to a Network of Changemakers

The Greentech Alliance is an organization bringing together green technology businesses that fight climate change in the most responsible manner for our planet...

UBQ Materials has been awarded at the Zero Waste Awards
UBQ Materials Received the Zero Waste Award

Today, global society produces over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) annually. This number is expected to double in the next 30 years...

Case Study: Keter Group

One of Keter’s primary motivations in partnering with UBQ Materials to create sustainable products was UBQ’s significant value propositions.

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Mercedes-Benz, UBQ Materials Win Automotive Sustainability Award

The award presented by Roland Berger and ATZ/MTZ highlights groundbreaking sustainability concepts and innovative perspectives in the automotive industry

Meet the expert: Prof. Roger Kornberg

1. What does the Nobel Prize in Chemistry mean to you?   The Prize is (should be viewed by all recipients) as a call to public service. It represents not just an opportunity but an obligation to advocate for science and for social good.     2. What do you think is the biggest challenge […]

Meet the expert: Prof. Oded Shoseyov

1. How many scientific publications have you authored? Which one is the most meaningful to you and why?   I have authored more than 300 scientific publications. If I have to look back and ask myself which publications made the highest impact, I would have to say the discovery of genes that affect plant growth […]

Meet the expert: John Elkington

1. How and when did you first become interested in sustainability?   I travelled the world with my parents in the 1950s, acquiring a deep interest in nature along the way. I raised money while at school, aged 11, in the first year of the World Wildlife Fund, 1961 – and have now served for […]

Meet the expert: Dr. Ilan Cohn

1. What role do IP-based enterprises play in a country as innovative as Israel?   With a contribution of more than 1/3 to the GDP and of 80% of the cumulative value of publicly traded companies, IP has become a key economic driver of the modern economy. It is true globally but even more so […]

Meet the expert: Dr. Glenn Frommer

1. How did you first become interested in sustainability? Did your PhD in Aerospace influence your involvement in the matter?   I became interested in sustainability in 1970 in connection with the first Earth Day in New York City and my activities with cleaning up the Hudson River in New York with the sloop Clearwater […]