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Top 5 Clean Technology Podcasts of 2021

Podcasts are certainly not a new medium, but those focusing on creative solutions for environmental challenges are appearing at an amazing rate.

What is the Paris Agreement?

The scientific community is in agreement that the world now has less than a decade to get climate change under control.

UBQ Materials Awarded ISO Certifications for Quality Control and Environmental Quality

Climate-positive UBQ™ material derived from landfill-destined household waste achieves international recognition as raw material for industrial manufacturing applications   TEL AVIV, Israel – March 22, 2021 – UBQ Materials, developer of the most climate positive thermoplastic material on the market, today announced that it has earned ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification for Quality and […]

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UBQ Featured on Waste Management World Magazine

ISWA’s (International Solid Waste Association) mission is to promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management worldwide by promoting resource efficiency, and appropriate technologies in both developing and emerging economies. ISWA fosters the concept of reusing waste to its maximum potential and disposing of residual matter safely and professionally to ensure a healthy environment. To […]

Israeli CleanTech Startups Fighting Climate Change

It’s an exciting time to be green in Israel, with Israeli CleanTech startups recognized as global leaders in sustainable innovation and clean technology development. From emerging healthcare technologies to revolutionary water systems and new approaches to waste management, these eco-friendly Israeli startups bring exciting initiatives to the sustainability table.   Israel as a CleanTech Hub […]

UBQ Wins 2020 Quality Innovation Award

UBQ Materials, an Israeli-based cleantech startup, has been recognized as the best in “circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations” for its technology transforming landfill-destined waste into a bio-based, infinitely reusable thermo-plastic.   The prize was one of 25 awarded by the Finnish Quality Association this week after a strict methodology evaluation based on novelty value, […]

McDonald’s Serving up Sustainable Trays with UBQ™

São Paulo, January 25th, 2021 – Arcos Dorados, the largest independent McDonald’s franchise in the world which operates restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean, advances in its commitment to drive a positive impact on the environment, announcing the substitution of the plastic trays used by clients in its outlets with a more sustainable version. […]

How Can We Make Plastic Sustainable?

Standard plastics are made from polymers, long chains of carbon or hydrogen atoms that originate from petroleum or natural gases. Because these are not renewable energy sources, traditional plastic is not a sustainable material.   The global plastic waste problem is well-documented. In a world where nearly 360 million metric tons of plastic are produced each […]

Top ESG Investing Trends in 2021

In our recent post on impact investing, we talked about how skepticism about Environmental, Social, and Governance investments (ESGs) will in the coming year be replaced by a better understanding of how beneficial they can be.   ESG investing in 2021 is expected to gain a great deal of traction. It represents a holistic approach to sustainability that […]