Company Policy

  • UBQ Materials Ltd. (i.e., the Company) strives to promote a quality management system that supports its values and goals, being a Company that specializes in converting household waste into an environmentally friendly thermoplastic material.
  • The Company’s quality management policy is characterized by a holistic overview of the conversion, production and sales processes. The alignment of activities to customers’ needs is a top priority for the Company, promoting excellence at every step of the way: planning and designing unique materials with high economic and ecological benefits, developing and producing climate-positive materials, and providing outstanding service to customers.
  • The Company considers the safety and welfare of its employees to be of utmost importance. Workers will be trained in accordance with their participation in Company’s activities.
  • The Company understands the value of its clients, workers and service providers in the ongoing efforts to achieve its missions and will strive to involve them in Company accomplishments and achievements. The Company will make every effort to match customer expectations and increase customers’ overall satisfaction.
  • The Company will take the necessary measures to prevent Company-related accidents, both in its factories as well as outside of them.
  • The Company is obligated to invest in resources that improve sustainability worldwide, doing so by strictly abiding to ISO 14001:2015 standards.
  • The Company will maintain high environmental standards in its factories during production and manufacturing and will invest time and effort in minimizing possible environmental damage in all areas of its activity.



Management Responsibilities


  • The Company is committed to abiding to all relevant standard laws and regulations.
  • The Company management views the laws of corporate governance and corporate responsibility as principles of actions and strives to promote them.
  • The Company’s management will set goals and objectives in the fields of quality, safety and sustainability. The company will take an active approach to implementing and monitoring these goals, will update them periodically, and will constantly attempt to improve their effectiveness.
  • The Company’s planning of processes and activities is based on a risks and opportunities thinking and strives to have all risks to be acceptable
  • The Company’s management will allocate the necessary resources for the implementation of this policy.
  • The Company’s will develop quality measurements for its activities.
  • The Company’s management will be conscious of the Company’s use of raw materials and natural resources and will endeavor to minimize and/or recycle waste and its by products.
  • The Company’s management undertakes to manage quality management system, abiding to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 standards.
  • The Company’s management aspires to receive ISO 45001 certification in the future.
  • This policy is available to stakeholders and external / internal interested parties via UBQ’s website: