The scientific breakthrough we have all been waiting for.

Manufacturing that is scalable, cost effective, and climate positive.

The Vision

Where there are people, there is waste. Literally everything we do creates it. And with so many of us, the amount of waste generated has reached 2 billion tons a year and continues to grow at an alarming rate. What if there was a way to put all this waste to good use? This is exactly the question that sparked the foundation of UBQ Materials. We set out on a mission to rethink the very notion of waste and turn it into something good, useful, even celebrated. For thousands of years, consumption was a straight line, and at the end of it was a pile of garbage. It is the dawn of a new era, because we’ve successfully bent that line into a perfect circle.


With UBQ, waste is not the end, it is only the beginning.


The beginning of a new material and the building block of a world without waste.

The Science

Developing an advanced technology that converts landfill waste
into a valuable material resource is no small feat and one that is
often greeted with initial disbelief.


That skepticism is a healthy response and one we encourage with
open arms. No company should be able to make sweeping
claims, environmental or otherwise, without having the hard
science and data to back them up.


Any claim made by UBQ is supported by objective, third-party
assessments, industry-standardized certifications and globally
protected patents.


We challenge you to find a more skeptical group than the brilliant
minds of our international scientific advisory board.
They asked and continue to ask the hard questions, always
pushing UBQ to reach and expand beyond new limits.

The Breakthrough

The material that will change material manufacturing

Founded in 2012, UBQ Materials remained in stealth R&D mode for almost seven years. When repositioning landfill-destined waste as a valuable resource, it was imperative that we hit the market for commercial partnerships only when our material could reach the greatest environmental impact, industry performance, and most competitive price point.


The moment we were ready, we hit the ground running. UBQ was introduced to the market in partnerships with leading global brands, strategically aligning with industry leaders, knowing that the rest would follow.


UBQ is growing fast, with international expansion going into effect in 2022. The greater the demand for sustainable materials, the faster UBQ facilities are established everywhere in the world. As we expand, our waste-to-production cycle becomes more localized and innately more sustainable. Together with our partners, we have the power to empty landfills across the globe, one product at a time.

Using business as a force for good™

What does it mean to be a Certified B Corporation™?


It means being driven by purpose as much as profit. It means envisioning a new kind of economy where sustainability is taken for granted. It means using business as a force for good. UBQ Materials proudly became a Certified B Corp™ in 2018—and we didn’t stop there. UBQ was named Best for the World for the environment the following year. This honor goes to the top 10% of B Corps in each area—truly the best of the best.

Be a part of the solution - come work with us!

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