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UBQ™ material empowers the world to make an easy shift to sustainability without compromising on profitability.

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We use the most abundant, least valued resource in the world - trash.

Unsorted household waste – including all organic materials, dirty cardboard, and unrecyclable plastic – is reduced to its basic natural components. At a particle level, these building blocks are reconstituted and bound together into a new composite material – UBQ™.

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Landfill-destined trash is converted into UBQ™, the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the market.

UBQ™ has the power to offset the carbon footprint of everyday products. A drop-in material, UBQ™ is compatible with all major polymers and manufacturing processes.

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Same price, same process, same products - revolutionary environmental impact.

The potential for UBQ™ is everywhere around us. UBQ™ can be seamlessly integrated into everything from car parts, furniture, and garment hangers to construction, retail and 3D printing.

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