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Rimax introduces consumer goods made with waste-based UBQ™ as eco-wise choice for pet owners

Sustainable pet line made with UBQ™ diverts landfill-destined waste and reduces carbon footprint of end-products.

      4 Mar 2022

TEL AVIV, Israel – March 3, 2022 – UBQ Materials, climate tech developer of advanced materials made from waste, announced today that its novel thermoplastic is being incorporated into consumer items for pets made by Rimax, a major plastics products manufacturer based in Colombia.


Until now, UBQ™ has been used to substitute petroleum-based plastics in automotive, shipping and logistics parts, and limited retail solutions. This partnership marks the first pet-related retail products made with UBQ™ to be made available in the market.


UBQ™ is a substitute for conventional raw materials that is made entirely from unsorted municipal solid waste, including all organics, that have been diverted from landfills. UBQ™ has already been adopted by leading industry enterprises and is used for manufacturing durable products with reduced or even offset environmental footprints.

“If we are going to fight climate change, the change has to start from within. Our goal is to standardize the use of safe plastic alternatives that prioritize the environment” said Elsa Coello, Communication and Digital Marketing Manager at Rimax. “Sustainable pet products are just the beginning. We hope to introduce climate-positive UBQ™ material into a wide variety of consumer goods.”


As an initial launch, Rimax is implementing UBQ™ into the manufacturing of doghouses for medium and large breeds, as well as hooded cat litter boxes.


The new line of hooded cat litter boxes is made up of 50% post-consumer resin and approximately 15% UBQ™ for a total estimated recycled content of 65%. The doghouses are made from 40% post-consumer resin and approximately 15% UBQ™, for a total estimated recycled content of 55%. Both products are part of a larger strategy to combat landfills, greenhouse gas emissions, and the continued extraction of finite natural resources. In substituting oil-based resins with UBQ™, Rimax is diverting up to 1.3 kg of waste and preventing up to 11.7 kg of CO2-equivalent emissions for every kg of UBQ™ used within its products.


“Government mandates and consumer preference for eco-conscious products are driving growing demand for sustainable materials across industries,” said Albert Douer, Chairman and Co-CEO of UBQ Materials. “By adopting UBQ™, a leading plastics company like Rimax is setting an example that sustainable transitions can be simple, timely, and economically lucrative.”


Rimax will be presenting the products made with UBQ™ at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago between March 5th and 7th, booth number N6748B.


About UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials Ltd. has developed an advanced conversion technology, patenting the world’s first bio-based thermoplastic (UBQ™) made entirely of unsorted household waste, including all the organics—a revolutionary way to divert municipal solid waste from landfills and convert it into a sustainable substitute for oil-based plastics. A certified B Corp™, UBQ is a globally awarded climate tech company with customers including Mercedes-Benz, global retail solutions provider Mainetti, PepsiCo, and Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants across Latin America.


With a climate-positive impact and cost-competitive price, UBQ™ empowers manufacturers with a simple transition to greater sustainability.


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