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UBQ at Plastic Free World

This year, Plastic Free World Conference & Expo Europe and Plastic Free World Conference & Expo North America will join forces to create the world’s first fully virtual event that connects businesses, manufacturers, materials experts, governments, NGOs, recyclers and the plastic industry, in the aim of creating a world free from plastic waste.

      24 Sep 2020

Plastic Free World 2020 will take place November 9-10, 2020. The virtual summit will include 200 expert speakers and individual presentations, 25 panel discussions, a fully interactive exhibition, 5 individual conference tracks, and dedicated networking sessions.


Tato Bigio, co-founder of UBQ Materials and CEO of UBQ Israel, will speak at a breakout session about reducing, eliminating and valuing waste. Join us for his talk, “Why Waste Waste”, on November 10th, 2020 at 1:40 p.m. CET, to hear more about UBQ Materials’ mission to divert residual household waste from landfills and transform it into an effective, climate-positive substitute for wood, concrete and plastic. With UBQ, there exists a future in which linear consumption models are replaced with a circular economy, landfills are considered obsolete, and waste is no longer wasted.


In February 2020, UBQ Materials and Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler AG joined forces to test the use of UBQ™ in Mercedes-Benz automotive parts. Boldly challenging the automotive conventions, they proved that replacing plastics with bio-based UBQ materials in auto parts is a viable alternative. While promoting the use of bio-based circular materials as an alternative to plastics, Mercedes Benz and UBQ might be rewriting the rules for the future of sustainable automotive parts. Sophie Tuviahu, UBQ’s VP of Business and Sales, and Birgit Klockenhoff, Project Engineer Advanced Materials at Daimler, will speak about promoting bio-based materials in the automotive industry, discussing UBQ’s joint endeavor with Mercedes-Benz. The talk is part of the “Bio-based Materials for Manufacturing Industries” track at the event and will take place on November 9th, 2020, at 9:50 a.m. CET.

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