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B Corp Best for the World 2022

      17 Jul 2022

Every year, B Lab recognizes the B Corps that have achieved the highest verified scores in the five impact areas evaluated on the B Impact Assessment.


The Best For The World B Corps in Environment are scored based on their action to preserve our finite resources. These companies consider the impact of their everyday footprint, including energy usage, materials, facilities, supply chain, and more.


As proud members of the B Corp Community, it is a real honor to be among the top 10% of B Corporations recognized as #BestForTheWorld in protecting our Environment in the last two impact assessments completed in 2019 and in 2022.


Based on the B Impact assessment, UBQ Materials earned an overall score of 92.5. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9.


UBQ Materials has developed an advanced waste conversion technology to produce sustainable, bio-based materials as a substitute for conventional oil-based plastics. By diverting and converting landfill-destined waste, UBQ Materials is not only closing the loop on waste disposal, it is eliminating copious amounts of toxic, waste-related, methane pollution.


For every 1 ton of UBQ™ produced, the climate impact equivalency is a reduction of up tp 11.7 tons of CO2e. UBQ™ can replace traditional finite resources in thousands of durable applications, including shipping pallets, bricks, pipes, furniture, and even automotive parts.


When UBQ Materials and our fellow industrial partners hold ourselves to the highest standards of verified positive impact, we have the power to #BtheChange, unlock immense potential and accelerate the transition towards a truly circular economy and a zero-waste future.

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