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PLANETech World 2022

      2 Aug 2022

PLANETech World 2022 is the climate tech conference we have all been waiting for, and it will be happening on September 21st in Tel Aviv, Israel.


PLANETech provides an opportunity to network with people from different horizons and share knowledge on tech implementation for meeting our global climate goals. The conference will host 1,500 attendees, 100 startups, 5 climate tech zones including built environment, materials and manufacturing, land use, nature and digital. Each zone includes a stage for speakerships, startups, real world case studies, interactive activities and the opportunity to network and develop valuable partnerships.


Last year, PLANETech led the Israeli delegation for COP26 event, including the participation of UBQ Materials. This opportunity placed Israeli climate tech innovation in the forefront of climate action and exposed leading businesses, organizations and individuals to a global audience of over 50,000 people. During PLANETech World 2022, 10 leading startups will be selected to represent Israel in the PLANETech Delegation to COP27.


This year, the participation of UBQ Materials in PLANETech World is particularly unique, as we are not only participating as speakers and sponsors, but we are taking the lead in a fist-time circularity project that will be revealed over the next few weeks – so stay in the loop! 


PLANETech is a non-profit organization, a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group, that continues to scale the climate tech ecosystem and position Israel in the front line of innovation.


Extreme weather events are increasing around the world, and it is now more critical than ever to prioritize events that address how climate tech and innovation is interconnected with solving the climate crisis. From showcasing climate technologies, to discussing ambitious sustainable development goals (SDGs), climate events such as PLANETech encourage individuals and organizations to take real action and advance discussions and partnership opportunities that can make this happen.


Don’t forget to get tickets and come say hi!

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