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Reducing Environmental Impact with Sustainable²

      14 Jun 2021

A recently launched platform, Sustainable² was established to bring together innovators, technology providers, procurement professionals and industry leaders who all share a common interest – closing the loop and improving the way we do business. They are bringing together buyers and suppliers with market-ready business solutions, streamlining sustainable procurement and in turn, raising standards. The platform is raising awareness for cost-effective technology and services, and ground-breaking businesses that are bringing highly beneficial solutions for people, profit, and planet. Sustainable² is dedicated to showcasing sustainable alternatives for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint and tackle the climate crisis. Their extensive database offers sustainable materials, products and technologies for innovators and companies that want to be a part of the change without compromising profitability.


Being a part of the listing requires ready-for-market products, processes and solutions that help build more eco-friendly industries across multiple sectors within our community. UBQ joined the database in 2021, as our patented material can seamlessly substitute materials sourced from finite natural resources in automotive, logistics, construction, furniture, and retail industry amongst others. From entrepreneurs to corporates, all members are invited to find solutions that help the industry reach its common ESG goals.


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