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UBQ Materials Becomes a Gold Member of ISWA

      14 Jun 2021

Recognized as the number one waste management network, ISWA’s (International Solid Waste Association) mission is to promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management worldwide by promoting resource efficiency, and appropriate technologies in both developing and emerging economies. ISWA fosters the concept of reusing waste to its maximum potential and disposing of residual matter safely and professionally to ensure a healthy environment. To reach this goal, the association provides scientific, economic, and social instruments such as an international network, expert working groups, professional events, education and training courses, professional publications, and projects in developing economies. These tools seek to share knowledge and experience in sustainable waste management and climate change mitigation, and to raise the level of international awareness of the global waste emergency we are facing today. 


The network is broad and represents all stakeholders in waste management including public, private, academia, young professionals and individuals that want to address the issue of waste and transition to a circular economy. As a Gold Member of the International Solid Waste Association, UBQ Materials confirms its commitment to building a world where waste is no longer wasted and in closing the loop. In parallel to ISWA’s vision, UBQ business model and manufacturing process promoted the reduction and reuse of waste, treating it properly for upcycling into higher-value, durable products. UBQ joined the network in the belief that in order to live in a healthy environment with clean air, water, seas, and soils, we need to work together.  

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