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UBQ Materials Returns to COP27 with Solar Impulse Foundation and Israeli Delegation

UBQ Materials’ Waste-Based Thermoplastic is an Available and Scalable Material Solution Supporting the Global Methane Pledge and Circular Manufacturing

      7 Nov 2022

TEL AVIV – November 6, 2022 – UBQ Materials, climate tech developer of advanced materials made from organic and unrecyclable waste, announced today its planned agenda for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27, taking place November 6-18 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. UBQ Materials was one of ten Israeli companies selected at PLANETech World to attend the global climate event, where the targets have shifted from pledging to implementation.


As part of The Israeli Climate Tech Delegation to COP27, UBQ Materials VP of Sustainability Rachel Barr will present at the COP27 Climate Innovation Summit, which will be attended by Israel’s leading Ministers and government officials. Barr will also join the Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF) delegation in the Building Pavilion, presenting UBQ Materials as a SIF Efficient Solution for clean and profitable solutions for the environment. SIF founder and environmentalist leader Bertrand Piccard will include UBQ Materials as an available solution in his address to the general assembly.


UBQ™ is a novel thermoplastic material upcycled entirely from unsorted organic and unrecyclable waste, replacing oil-based plastics, wood, cement and other finite resources in endless durable products. The most climate-positive thermoplastic on the market, UBQ™ prevents up to 11.7 times its weight in carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.


“Our return to the COP provides an incomparable opportunity to build on the progress made at COP26 in relation to the Global Methane Pledge,” said Barr. “UBQ™ prevents significant methane emissions directly associated with landfills and provides the industry with an easy material swap for petroleum-based plastics, closing the loop between the ecosystems of waste and materials.”


UBQ Materials is expanding globally, with its first large-scale facility in the Netherlands to be operational in Q2 2023. COP27 will enable the company to connect with decision-makers from around the world to discuss UBQ’s solution and incentivize local waste-to-material production. Clients like Mercedes Benz, PepsiCo, McDonald’s and Anheuser Busch InBev, are currently implementing UBQ™ throughout their supply chains to advance sustainability and net zero goals.


“COP is a crucial time for world leaders to map the next steps required to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. Efficient breakthrough technologies can bridge the time required for structural changes towards a circular economy” said Jack ‘Tato’ Bigio, co-founder and co-CEO of UBQ Materials. “Our novel raw material tackles the global waste crisis and its associated methane emissions bringing an endless new resource that is sustainable and climate positive. COP offers us the opportunity to empower governments and industry with circular solutions to a previously resource-depleting, unsustainable system.”


UBQ Materials will be joined by nine additional startups representing the Israeli climate tech ecosystem. Startups were selected by the Israeli Innovation Authority and PLANETech to showcase how Israel’s startup community has adapted itself to tackle the world’s most pressing climate challenges. The other startups include: H2Pro, Gencell, Wiliot, HomeBiogas, Groundwork BioAg, Aleph Farms, Remilk, Beewise and


About UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials Ltd. has developed an advanced conversion technology, patenting the world’s first bio-based thermoplastic (UBQ™) made entirely of unsorted household waste, including all the organics – a revolutionary way to divert municipal solid waste from landfills and convert it into a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastics. A certified B Corp™, UBQ is a globally awarded climate tech company with customers including Mercedes-Benz, PepsiCo, and Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants across Latin America. With a climate-positive impact and cost-competitive price, UBQ™ empowers manufacturers with a simple transition to greater sustainability.


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