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Mercedes-Benz, UBQ Materials Win Automotive Sustainability Award

The award presented by Roland Berger and ATZ/MTZ highlights groundbreaking sustainability concepts and innovative perspectives in the automotive industry

      31 May 2021

TEL AVIV, Israel (May 05, 2021) –  UBQ Materials, developer of the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the market, announced today that together with Mercedes-Benz, it has won the Sustainability Award in Automotive 2021 in the “best start-up” category. The two companies won the award for their collaborative work developing sustainable car parts.


The Sustainability Award in Automotive honors companies whose products, processes and initiatives have a positive and holistic impact on the sustainability of the automotive industry and make a significant contribution to at least one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The award’s aim is to establish specific benchmark standards and, in turn, a framework for corporate decision-making that is environmentally, socially, and politically sustainable.


UBQ™ , patented by UBQ Materials, is a bio-based material made entirely from landfill-destined waste, preventing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The material, which is fully recyclable and actively reduces landfill buildup, decreases the overall carbon and methane footprint of both manufacturing processes and end-products.


“With over 50 firms competing for this year’s award, we are honored to be recognized for our sustainable mobility solutions developed in tandem with Mercedes-Benz,” said Tato Bigio, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of UBQ Materials. “As environmental consciousness moves from a luxury to a necessity for corporations, sustainability is quickly becoming a form of corporate currency. UBQ has introduced the market to a climate-positive material that can be seamlessly incorporated into manufacturing processes – from prototyping to final product – without compromising on function or cost.”


After a successful proof-of-concept, Mercedes-Benz and UBQ Materials are currently testing further uses of UBQ™ in the production of automotive parts.


“This cooperation between the Mercedes-Benz brand and a start-up is a game changer,” says judge Hannah Zühlke from Roland Berger. “This is an innovative approach that is highly scalable and can address the global climate crisis.”



About UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials Ltd. has developed an advanced conversion technology, patenting the world’s first bio-based material, UBQ™, made entirely of unsorted household waste – a revolutionary way to divert municipal solid waste from landfills and transform it into a sustainable substitute for oil-based plastics. A certified B Corp™, UBQ is a recent recipient of the 2020 Future of Plastics Award and 2020 Quality Innovation Awards. UBQ’s marquee customers include global retail solutions provider Mainetti, Daimler, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz, and Arcos Dorados, the world’s largest franchisee of McDonald’s restaurants across Latin America.

With a climate-positive impact and cost-competitive price, UBQ™ empowers manufacturers with a simple transition to greater sustainability. Learn more by visiting



Media Contact

Liat Arad

VP Marketing, UBQ Materials

+972 54-460-5530

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