The most climate-positive thermoplastic on the market

The impact of 1 ton of UBQ™​

UBQ is tackling waste and global warming by offering a climate-positive alternative to standard oil-based resins. For every ton of UBQ™​ produced, up to 11.7 tons of CO2eq are prevented. In substituting climate-negative materials, this results in an even higher net environmental value. For example, replacing 1 ton of polypropylene with UBQ™ prevents up to 14.5 tons of CO2eq.


UBQ is a simple yet powerful means to reducing the environmental footprint in manufacturing. This Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) measures the environmental footprint associated with the life cycle of UBQ™. From raw material extraction to material manufacturing, the study provides a baseline for UBQ’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Conducted by sustainability consulting firm Quantis, this LCA verifies the climate-positive environmental footprint of the UBQ™ material.

Download the Full Life Cycle Assessment