Complete Life Cycle Assessment of UBQ™

About the Report

The full Life Cycle Assessment Report of UBQ™ material – Download for free!

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) assess the environmental impacts associated with a product’s life cycle. From raw material extraction to materials processing, manufacture, distribution, and use, a life cycle assessment study provides a baseline for any sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy within an organization. A new LCA study conducted for UBQ Materials by sustainability consulting firm Quantis, illustrates the climate-positive environmental footprint of the UBQ™ material.

Download the report and learn more about:

    • The environmental footprint of UBQ™ material, from start to finish
    • High quality data and accurate results of UBQ’s “Climate Impact Data Sheet”
    • Environmental transparency of the UBQ waste conversion process
    • How to neutralize the carbon footprint of conventional polymers

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