Prioritizing health and safety.

Health and Safety


Our first priority is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and our customers.  Collaborating with Vireo Advisors, UBQ established a robust quality control system, confirming UBQ™ as safe for people and the environment under the most stringent health and safety standards.


According to sustainability auditors Quantis, the UBQ conversion process yields a complete mechanical and chemical transformation. As such, it does not allow the survival of any microorganisms and neutralizes molecules related to waste degradation.


While the technology operates under temperatures below combustion levels, the processing temperatures are enough to kill any pathogens and bacteria present in the feedstock.

At this stage, UBQ™ is not intended for direct food contact. The material is compatible for near-food contact applications such as serving trays, shopping carts, table tops and grocery logistics pallets.


Precautionary principles are applied at every stage of UBQ’s conversion process, including regular air quality testing in and around our facilities and batch testing the material itself to ensure consistent safety and quality.