Helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals

One Material, Many Environmental Benefits

Emptying Landfills
Every ton of UBQ™ diverts 1.34 tons of landfill waste.
Closing the Loop
Breaking the linear economic model, UBQ™ upcycles waste into new products.
Preventing Emissions
Every ton of UBQ™ prevents 11.7 tons of CO2eq from polluting the environment.
New Industry Standard
A symbol of eco-conscious manufacturing, backed by real environmental impact.
Protecting Nature
UBQ™ substitutes oil-based resins, wood, and minerals, preventing depletion of finite resources.
Economic Impact
With UBQ™, sustainability and accessible pricing are no longer mutually exclusive.
Preventing Emissions
Each UBQ facility sources feedstock from nearby landfills, localizing the waste to production cycle.
Personal Impact
By choosing products with the UBQ™ Sunrise, you influence the industry’s environmental accountability.

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