UBQ at Global Plastic Summit 2020

Events September 8th, 2020
Global Plastics Summit banner

The annual Global Plastic Summit will take place October 21-23. The virtual conference is a collaboration between IHS Markit and the Plastics Industry Association, and this year’s theme is “An Industry in Transition: Drivers Shaping the Future of Plastics”.

The global industry is expanding and adapting to COVID-19, and advancing towards a circular economy is a top priority for plastics manufacturers. Can the industry adapt to the forces that are reshaping the role of plastics? How will the industry repond?

Tato Bigio, co-founder of UBQ and CEO of UBQ Israel, will be speaking about UBQ Materials’ groundbreaking process and technology on October 23rd at 11:15 a.m. EST. Join us for a talk titled “Why waste waste? Converting unsorted household waste into a climate positive thermoplastic material”.

UBQ Materials has developed an advanced conversion technology, patenting the world’s first thermoplastic material made of unsorted household waste. A revolutionary way to divert waste from landfills and transform it into an effective, bio-based, recyclable material with infinite applications as a substitute for conventional plastics.

By taking organic materials that would otherwise decompose in landfills, UBQ Materials prevents the emission of methane and other toxins. Producing one ton of UBQ™ prevents 11.7 tons of CO2eq (GWP20) from polluting the environment, leading Quantis to define UBQ™ as ‘the most climate-positive thermoplastic material on the market’.

In this talk, Bigio will give an update on the climate-positive products currently being created with UBQ™ throughout the plastics industry, helping numerous companies offset their carbon emissions. Bigio will explain why he believes UBQ™ has the potential to eliminate landfills, replace linear consumption models with a circular economy, and create a world where waste is no longer wasted. Learn more and register here: https://globalplasticssummit.com/index.html.