UBQ Wins at Innovation Awards 2019

Awards May 30th, 2019

We are honored to have won the prestigious award for the “Best Use of Alternative Feedstocks” here at the Bio Market Insights Conference. It’s been an incredible few days sharing our story of transforming household waste into a virtually infinitely renewable material. The World Bio-Based Markets platform is critical to showcase the growing trend toward effectively close the loop on waste disposal, bridge the material demand growth gap all while supplying sustainable climate positive materials reducing significant GHG emissions.

We would  like to thank Quantis InternationalSYSTEMIQ , ESG Matters, and Vireo Advisors for all their support in proving that UBQ Material is indeed the ‘Most Climate Positive Material’ available on the market today.”

Congratulations to this year’s winners in other categories!

Bio-Based Product of the Year

Winner – Corbionand Green-Basilisk-SENTIALL for self-healing concrete.

Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year

Winner – Microvi -MNE biocatalyst

Best use of alternative feedstocks

Winner – UBQ Materials

Sustainability commitment

Winner – Stella McCartney

Bio-based industry story of the year.

Winner – Croda officially launches new 100% bio-based surfacants.

Van T’Hoff Institute for molecular sciences poster of the year

Winner – Meghan Wilson, The Green Octane Project

Bio Stars 5×5 Pitch Winner

Winner – Cellutech