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UBQ Presents at the Annual Go-4-Israel Conference in China

UBQ was recently featured as part of the 2018 Go-4-Israel Conference hosted in both Hong Kong and Foshan, China.

      30 May 2019

UBQ’s CEO, Tato Bigio, was there to presented our Advanced Waste Conversion Technology and Sustainable Materials before a diverse group of Chinese investors and prospective strategic partners. During the event and immediately after Tato’s presentation, there was strong response to our key messages and significant interest to implement the UBQ solution in China and throughout Asia.


“China represents an enormous opportunity for UBQ with their strong drive towards reducing waste, climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as their appetite for renewable and cost-effective alternative materials like UBQ Materials,” says Tato. “We will be very interested to see how UBQ might work with the right strategic partners to bring our breakthrough technology into Asia and support the Chinese momentum of addressing the global waste epidemic.” he continues.


The highlight of the latest conference in Foshan, China was the meeting with hundreds of Chinese investors including executives, PingAn executives, Fosun, Sailing Capital, Haitong, GF Securities, and many funds, as well as other players competing for our time and for meetings with UBQ, to learn about our technology.


Standing alongside other Israeli companies, it was amazing to see the interest and excitement generated by both well-established high-tech companies as well as younger startups. To name just a few of those present: Trax, Orbotech, HearMeOut, Lamina, Valcare, Curalife, Check-Cap, PerfAction, NGT3VC, MindUP and many more.It was a hugely successful conference where in Foshan there were over 1,200 participants, +500 Chinese investors, and some 100 Israeli companies presenting.


We thank Cukierman Co. and Catalyst Funds for including us in this prestigious event.


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