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UBQ Opens its Doors to China

The UBQ advanced waste conversion system and bio-based materials have an appeal to the Chinese market.

      30 May 2019

The UBQ advanced waste conversion system and bio-based materials have an appeal to the Chinese market. Aggressive government anti-pollution campaigns resulted in a 54% drop in air pollution last year in Beijing alone. CGTV’s Stephanie Freid visited the UBQ plant where UBQ was featured on CGTV, as they are seeking Lighthouse Solutions with innovative solutions for waste disposal and reducing emissions.


As part of China’s focus on air pollution, community health, and reducing waste pollution and related emissions, UBQ is gaining traction and attention from potential strategic partners. UBQ’s vision of a world of zero waste, showing the immense value within waste, solutions like ours are becoming vital to China’s new position on waste. Working with China and strategic partners, this could be the start of a massive change in way the world will see and handle waste.


The value proposition of converting waste into commercially viable materials that manufactures can use to make their products, provides an obvious win-win for all parties involved. Positioned with competitive and stable material pricing, offering a renewable and recyclable material, while having a significant environmental impact could bring UBQ to be one of the Lighthouse Activities China will seek to implement in the near future.


The problem is clear, landfills and decomposing waste dumped within are breeding grounds for greenhouse gases, specifically methane, which are over 86 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.


Diverting waste from landfills, open burning, and illegal dumping is the only way we stand a chance to reduce emissions and pollution generated from the +2 billion tons of waste produced globally each year. Even though there has been significant progress in recycling, the world today only recycles approximately 5%-10% of materials in circulation.


You can watch the full video here.

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