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UBQ Is the Newest Addition to a Network of Changemakers

      21 Jun 2021

What is the Greentech Alliance?

The Greentech Alliance is an organization bringing together green technology businesses that fight climate change in the most responsible manner for our planet. They have over 500 advisors, as well as 600+ member companies that have built products and services prioritizing the planet over profit, a group UBQ is proud to be joining. One of the goals of the Alliance is to connect stakeholders who are passionate about reshaping the world while giving humanity an opportunity to use the power of community and technology to create a more sustainable future. UBQ is and has always been in line with this vision, as our company continues to work tirelessly for our planet and its communities.


How Does a Company Qualify for the Greentech Alliance?

Some of the requirements for membership in the Greentech Alliance include meeting environmental performance requirements such as source reduction, cradle to cradle design, sustainability, and innovation. UBQ addressed each of these seamlessly due to our patented process technology converting landfill-destined household waste into a sustainable, bio-based thermoplastic material. Everything from banana peels to dirty diapers and used yogurt containers can be given another life in the composition of the UBQ™ material.


Utilizing Our Membership

Now that UBQ is a member of the Greentech Alliance, we can access an international platform to communicate, promote, and share our innovative approaches and accomplishments. Membership communities like this have played a significant role in building stronger networks for the greater good of society, which enables us to garner increased support for the implementation, advancement, and adoption of our material. Moving forward, UBQ intends to capitalize on this newfound opportunity to access brands, organizations and individuals working towards a greener future, as well as consulting with Greentech advisors for support on upcoming campaign strategies and policy work.

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