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UBQ at Future of Plastics 2020

Tato Bigio, co-founder of UBQ Materials, at the Future of Plastics Conference 2020

      16 Sep 2020

The Future of Plastics conference will be taking place October 20-22, 2020. The virtual event, presented by Innovation Forum, is a business conference that aims to find scalable, circular and sustainable solutions to plastic pollution. Topics will include internal processes and engagement, innovation and new materials, financing change, and consumer insight & behaviour.


Innovation Forum is a UK-based company that specializes in sustainability events and publications. All Innovation Forum events are PowerPoint-free and based on asking tough questions in a relaxed environment, enforcing the use of the Chatham House rule. Speakers don’t read from scripts but rather involve the audience in debate and conversation. In addition to online publishing, analysis and sustainability research, Innovation Forum also delivers collaborative events with partners such as the Ethical Trading Initiative, Bonsucro, Diageo, the Pew Centre, Golden Agri-Resources and Unilever.


Speakers at the Future of Plastics will include Marika Lindstrom, Vice President of Packaging, Unilever; Archana Jagannathan, Senior Director of Sustainable Packaging at Pepsico; Gian de Belder, Technical Director of Packaging Sustainability at Procter & Gamble; Erik Troelsen, Director of Packaging Design & Procurement at HP; John Hocevar, Ocean Campaigns Director at Greenpeace; and Werner Bosmans, Directorate General Environment of the European Commission, who will give insights into EU Green Deal and other policy directives, covering the legislative landscape within the EU and focusing on how the EU Green Deal will impact the use of plastics applications.


Tato Bigio, co-founder of UBQ and CEO of UBQ Israel, will be speaking about bio-based plastics, addressing the question of how viable, scalable, sustainable and affordable they are. Bigio will be showcasing UBQ’s novel waste-to-material solution and the enormous amount of product application that the material has, and explaining UBQ’s major potential in addressing the global plastic pollution crisis.


Join us for Tato’s talk October 21 at 11:00 am BST – learn more and register here:

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UBQ at Future of Plastics 2020