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Techstars Sustainability Summit

UBQ in the Top 15 Finalists

      12 Apr 2021

Techstars is hosting the first-ever Sustainability Summit on April 15, and UBQ has been selected as a finalist for the challenge. The Heritage Group, one of the challenge partners, expressed their interest in learning more about UBQ technology, which led to a final selection process in which UBQ Materials was nominated as one of the 15 finalists from 300 companies.


The virtual event will consist of keynote speakers, panel discussions, demos, pitches, and more. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Jack (Tato) Bigio, will give a presentation during Session 1 alongside Breeze Technologies, Crowdz, geoFluxus, ISeeChange,, Pixxel, PlanA.Earth, POINT380, Project Canary, BioElements, Daika Wood, FixFirst, Imprint Energy, and Rheaply. Tato will introduce the idea of how we can turn the world’s waste into a sustainable resource and effectively speed up the world’s transition from a linear production to a truly circular system. UBQ’s revolutionary process makes new, raw material out of all residual municipal solid waste, enabling manufacturers to meet their sustainability goals by converting waste from a financial and environmental burden into an infinitely renewable resource.


Join more than 2,500 people that have registered so far, and be a part of the solution.




About Techstars

Techstars was founded on the belief that entrepreneurs hold the keys to the greatest challenges of our time. The Sustainability Summit with Cody Simms, Techstars SVP of Climate and Sustainability, provides a networking opportunity for investors, partners, mentors, and visionary dreamers to come together to collaborate and scale existing concepts, making ideas into world-changing solutions. It allows attendees to meet leaders that are focused on sustainable technology to help accelerate learning and collaborations needed to scale solutions that help achieve a more resilient and cleaner future for industries and infrastructure.


In addition, one of the sessions will be with Raj Aggarwal and Charlotte Sewell, co-authors of ‘The Climate Justice Playbook’. They will provide insights from B Corp businesses and share how they have surpassed obstacles they have encountered on the way. Techstars’ Hannah Davis will lead the conversation with both Raj and Charlotte on what climate justice is, and what you can do in your business today to help achieve this.

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