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i24News Interviews UBQ CEO

Following World Environment Day, held every year on the 5th of June, UBQ’s CEO was interviewed by Emily Frances on i24News.

      30 May 2019

World Environment Day is a platform for action and encouraging awareness for the protection of our environment. UBQ sees the importance of reducing the solid waste going to the landfills, as it poses a huge problem and has economic and environmental impact. In this interview, Tato Bigio, CEO at UBQ Materials mentions how humanity is “drowning in waste”, the gravity of the problem and a solution that gives hope for a cleaner future.


“UBQ uses the materials that can’t be recycled,- says Tato Bigio, UBQ CEO, -there will always be a fraction which is a majority of the garbage, such as food waste, mixed plastic, diapers, carton, paper- that will end up in landfills. We take that waste! We don’t compete with the recycling, we complement it.”

Watch the full interview here!


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