Rethinking Waste 2020

About the Video

Garbage as a commodity?! Yes, discover the untapped potential in trash.

Waste management is an extremely complex issue but what we do with it in the years to come is key to building a sustainable and healthy environment. UBQ envisions a world where waste is redirected away from landfills and is utilized as an infinitely reused resource. Our clean, recyclable, and cost-effective material can substitute plastics, concrete, and wood in the manufacturing of thousands of products in various industries, including the automotive industry.

Watch the video and learn about:

    • The partnership with Daimler AG for the development of car parts using UBQ™ material.
    • How we transform household waste into a material that supports a circular economy.
    • How garbage can become a renewable resource with ever-expanding applicability.
    • A fast, cheap, and effective way to reduce emissions and waste pollution.

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