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Two Great Products, Two Great Brands

These companies show us we don’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability.

      30 May 2019


Traditional footwear companies often use cheap and synthetic material to produce its products.


Allbirds show us that we don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability by keeping its products eco-friendly. It is redesigning the common sneaker by using New Zealand’s superfine merino wool and castor bean oil, a natural substitute for plastic and rubber. These two materials are not only sustainable, but they also have a carbon footprint that is 60 percent smaller than a typical synthetic shoe.


Allbirds is a certified B Corporation, and its wool is ZQ certified for animal welfare and environmental care.




Another innovator to watch is Toast Ale, a company that makes beer with surplus bread from bakeries that would otherwise have ended up as waste. According to its Indiegogo campaign, “each beer bought will help realize [its] goal of diverting 100 tons of bread from landfill in 3 years.” Founded in London, selling English Ale with alt and citrus notes, it is now in the process of producing an American Pale Ale in New York City.


100% of the profits go to Feedback, a non-profit aiming to reduce food waste through research and innovation.


We’ll toast to that!

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