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Top 5 Clean Technology Podcasts of 2021

Podcasts are certainly not a new medium, but those focusing on creative solutions for environmental challenges are appearing at an amazing rate. Consumers and businesses are looking to them for informative and educational content about a topic that has become increasingly dear to their hearts.

      21 Mar 2021

As Sir David Attenborough recently said, “Saving the planet is now a communications problem.” Whether you want to jumpstart your sustainability education or broaden your knowledge on specific people, planet, and profit topics, adding a few clean technology podcasts to your playlist can be the best way to do it.

We love the energy and passion the people behind these podcasts for cleantech entrepreneurs bring to the table. It’s not easy picking just five, but here are what we consider the best cleantech podcasts to stay in tune with for 2021. They not only educate and inform, they also entertain and make learning about sustainability a fun endeavor.


1. CleanTech Talk

Zach Shahan and Mike Barnard run CleanTechnica, a U.S.-based website dedicated to aggregating news in clean technology, particularly sustainable energy. Their cleantech podcast contains original analyses on top researchers, investment experts, and cleantech leaders in the fields of plastic pollution, climate change, solar energy, electric vehicles, battery storage, AI, and more. And if you’re an EV fan, the team’s “Tesla Inside Out” show is devoted to the manufacturer’s range of products including cars, solar panels, and battery energy storage. Tune in for their latest key findings.


2. ACTia

For the past decade, Alberta (Canada)-based ACTia has supported Albertans developing clean technology products and services designed to reduce environmental footprints and improve economic performance. The industry alliance was created to bring cleantech companies together to create a cleaner future for Alberta while fostering a global connection between tech developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and customers. Its Clean Tech Podcast is hosted by Executive Director Jason Switzer, a Harvard-trained environmental mediator who’s spent the past 15 years in corporate environmental management.


3. CleanTech Talks

Cleantech leaders, thinkers, and sustainability experts head to Alacrity’s CleanTech Talks to discuss the far-reaching challenges the planet faces today, as well as the solutions cleantech industries are developing to address them. The episodes focus on how cleantech is making a difference and how businesses are keeping sustainability in mind as they work to make the world a better place while maintaining profitability.


4. GreenBiz 350

Co-hosted by Heather Clancy and Joel Makower, this weekly sustainability podcast is devoted to the people and companies behind the headlines in sustainable business, clean technology, and a circular economy. Recent episodes cover timely topics like big oil pivots, plastics policy, and supporting “intersectional environmentalists.” Celebrating its 30th year, GreenBiz aims to provide intelligent, focused content on business technology and sustainability for people from every industry and discipline. A sister podcast, Center Stage, offers up live interviews from Green Biz’s events when they occur.


5. The Energy Gang

Hosts Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, and Jigar Shah lead this weekly digest on everything related to energy, cleantech, and the environment at large. This is no ordinary environmental podcast. The hosts work hard to offer valuable insights and friendly debates on the latest cleantech trends and how they’re transforming worldwide energy markets.


The scale of the damage humanity is doing to our planet is the pre-eminent crisis of our times. There’s an urgent need for all of us to understand the nature of the challenges we face. If you’re looking for a different perspective on the world of sustainability and clean technology, each of these cleantech podcasts is a wonderful resource. They’re a great way for entrepreneurs and anyone interested in becoming a part of the sustainability solution to explore the latest in climate change, energy consumption, the plastics challenge, and green energies. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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