What Can I Do?

You can do lots if you share our vision.

If you are a brand owner: Reduce your global footprint from your core business to your supply chain by leveraging the UBQ™ Material, all while reducing waste generation and emissions. Be the brand that drives the sustainability and resource efficiency agenda. You have the power to deliver the vision that global citizens are demanding.  Be sustainable.

If you are a manufacturer: Gain the first-mover advantage to implement the UBQ™ Material in your product applications to reduce the footprint of the everyday products the global economy relies upon. Without compromise, you can deliver to both brand owners and consumers alike on the mission and vision for a more sustainable tomorrow. Be the change agent that implements the real change that is needed throughout accelerating the transformation toward a circular economy. Be sustainable.

If you are a municipal or state authority: UBQ can help communities and governments properly manage waste, critical to address National and Global Sustainable Development Goals. By promoting the implementation of UBQ you can convert both the financial and environmental burden of waste into a local resource that supports economic development and environmental protection. Such a shift will facilitate reduced emissions, increase health and wellbeing, all while ensuring prosperity for the generations to come. Be the driver of change for the sustainable future your cities and citizens will depend on. Be sustainable.

If you are an individual: Demand and buy products that are made with UBQ™ Material to accelerate the change we need, to leverage waste as a resource and curb global warming. What you spend your money on, is the modern-day force that will make big companies adapt, change, or be left behind.  Be sustainable.