During the UBQ conversion process, the unsorted residual waste stream is reduced into its more basic natural components. At a particle level, these natural components reconstitute themselves and bind together into a new composite material – UBQTM.

Our modular conversion system can be effectively implemented regardless of the specific composition, volume, or origin of the RMSW. Whether it is generated in summer or winter, in high- or low-income neighborhoods, in Europe, the United States, Asia or Africa, we can adapt our system to transform RMSW into UBQTM.

UBQ provides a unique, stand-alone and cost-efficient solution to our global waste problem – and one that produces a commercially viable, environmentally sustainable materials.

Our technology is an extraordinary solution to waste management that creates a regenerative source of raw materials to supply increasing global materials demand.

We are closing the loop on unsustainable waste disposal, providing a path to a truly circular economy.

The UBQ Process is:
⮚ Patented worldwide
⮚ Closed-loop
⮚ Climate-positive
⮚ Energy efficient
⮚ Zero residual waste
⮚ Zero emissions
⮚ Zero water consumption

These advantages result in an easily scalable process which we aim to expand globally