The UBQ Process

UBQ has developed a revolutionary solution that converts Residual Municipal Solid Waste (RMSW) that is destined for landfills into patented UBQTM material.

Through a proprietary process, the mixed waste stream – containing organic elements like food waste, garden trimmings, paper, cardboard, diapers, dirty plastics, and packaging materials – is converted into an entirely homogeneous composite material (UBQTM) that can be utilized by industry.


During the UBQ conversion process, the unsorted residual waste stream is reduced into its more basic natural components. At a particle level, these natural components reconstitute themselves and bind together into a new composite material – UBQTM


Quality Control

UBQ’s internal quality control system monitors and ensures compliance of input and output materials in every step of the process. In accordance with industry standards, every production batch is analyzed, identified and marked to meet the specifications defined by the end-user. This enables us to confidently assert that UBQTM materials adhere to the standards required by the industry.


Patent Evolution

UBQ’s extensive intellectual property portfolio of granted patents worldwide is primarily focused on our innovative process and sustainable material.

We are committed to long-term R&D efforts, aiming to expand our IP and know-how base while focusing on new solutions to the waste and materials sectors.

Knowledge Base