UBQ’s Global Waste Revolution featured in Jerusalem Post

News July 31st, 2019

The Jerusalem Post highlighted UBQ’s revolutionary solution to the world’s landfill problem. The article spotlights an incredible feature of the UBQ material: “producing one ton of UBQ is equivalent to stopping the melting of 35 square meters. of arctic ice, or the sequestration of 540 trees over 10 years old.”

In addition, the article mentions UBQ’s international and scientific advisory board and states it is “likely to instill confidence in customers.”

We are excited to be featured in the Jerusalem Post. Thank you for recognizing the scalability and modularity of the UBQ solution and our ability to expand on such a large scale.

“One industrial-level operational UBQ facility, with a capacity of producing 80,000 tons per year, is equivalent to taking over 565,000 cars off the road for a single year.”

Jerusalem Post