Washington Post: UBQ Turns Trash into Treasure

News November 21st, 2019

In an article published Monday, November 18th by the Washington Post, Jim Morrison and Shoshana Kordova take the readers on a tour of UBQ’s waste facilities in Kibbutz Tze’elim. Tze’elim is a small Kibbutz in southern Israel, but as this article shows – it is anything but small when it comes to innovation and sustainability, since it is home to a UBQ’s game-changing waste facility.

The article features incredible photography of the UBQ process, showing the UBQTM material at its different stages of production – from garbage sitting in landfills, to a patented product commonly referred to as “garbage confetti” by the company’s employees, and into a revolutionary, climate-positive material, which can be used as a replacement for plastic in a wide range of products.

Morrison and Kordova initially consider the idea behind UBQ “too good to be true”. After conducting comprehensive research on the UBQTM material and process, along with interviews with third-party validators and environmental specialists, they conclude by stating that UBQ’s technology “could revolutionize recycling”.