TU/ecomotive Develop Zero-Waste Car with UBQ

News March 2nd, 2020

Every year, Netherland-based student company TU/ecomotive produces an electric car with a team of 21 B.A. students from the Technical University Eindhoven, in the aim of showing the world how cars of the future can and should be build.

On December 12th, 2019, TU/Ecomotive revealed Luca at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Luca is the sixth car of the TU/ecomotive family, and was created with the concept of embracing waste. In addition to other waste-reducing implementations, the body of the car will be made from a mix of recycled polypropylene and UBQ.

During the upcoming months, TU/ecomotive is planning to realize this design and build Luca, ensuring that it is road legal, to prove that it is possible to build ‘real’ cars out of innovative materials. Luca is supposed to be ready in June 2020.