News June 27th, 2019
1 of 2 Executive team at the UBQ booth at Circularity 19.

UBQ was covered by Forbes after a visit with our executive team at Circularity 19. Here, the leading figures in sustainability met for the largest circular economy conference in North America. In the Forbes article, UBQ’s patented process is recognized for its “plastic products [that] actually serve to permanently sequester carbon emissions.” UBQ achieves this through turning household garbage into a sustainable thermoplastic material.

Forbes highlights an integral component of UBQ material: its climate-positivity. UBQ is distinguished for its ability to make convert raw food and organic waste into a durable product that diminishes carbon-levels.

UBQ wants to thank Forbes for the feature! To read the article, click here.

“Forbes highlights an integral component of the UBQ material: its climate-positivity.”