UBQ Materials in “Solution Nation”

News May 30th, 2019

UBQ Materials has been selected as one of the most dynamic and innovative Israeli start-ups analyzed in David Wanetick’s “Solution Nation”.

“It is an honor to have been part of this comprehensive guide which provides great insight about some of Israel’s most promising, cutting-edge companies, that are implementing world-changing solutions” says Tato Bigio, CEO of UBQ. 

It is a well-known fact that Israel is a world leader in technology-based innovation, where one Nation is disproportionately responding to the world’s most intractable problems. 

“Solution Nation does a great job summarizing UBQ’s technological breakthrough as an industrial scale alternative solution to landfills and incineration with our innovative advanced waste conversion process. Combined with our Business Model Advantage, the book lays a foundation of the UBQ potential to come in the near future,” Tato continues. 

David Wanetick has over 20 years of experience in valuing companies, patents, and emerging technologies. The 62 companies included in his book were carefully selected after his team gathered, reviewed, and researched recommendations from thousands of individuals who are familiar with the Israeli high-tech industry, university technology transfer offices, incubators, and well-connected officials within the field.

For more information about the book, please visit the website on the below link.