EuroNews Covers UBQ’s “Rubbish Idea”

News May 30th, 2019

The interview was conducted with top UBQ executives on site at Kibbutz Zeelim.  

They introduced the new revolution in garbage conversion. 
UBQ focuses on waste left after recyclables and uses that unwanted, unsorted rubbish to produce a new material that will be used in the plastic industry.

“We have converted this garbage with our revolutionary patented technology into a material that we have been able to produce flower pots, panels, chairs.” – says Tato Bigio, CEO of UBQ Materials. 

“These garbage cans (made of recycled UBQ plastic) are at least 50% that material. Food leftovers, dirty carton, diapers… “- explains Albert Douer, Executive Chairman of UBQ.

Christopher Sveen, UBQ’s Chief Sustainability Officer adds: “We can take something that is polluting the environment, and turn it into something that supports the environment, whether it’s construction products, infrastructure products or consumer products that you’d go out to a store and buy”

Curious to learn some more? Here is the full news item.