Israeli Business Council Honors Prof. Oded Shoseyov with Lifetime Achievement Award

News May 30th, 2019

We are excited to congratulate Prof. Oded Shoseyov, on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the  President of the Economic Associations Mr. Shraga Brosh, for his dedicated contribution to the national economy and society at large. 

Together with Oded, other highly prominent Israeli entrepreneurs were amongst those awarded for their contribution to the development of the business sector in commemoration of the 70 years of Israel. 

UBQ is proud to have Prof. Shoseyov serving as a key member of our International Advisory Board with strategic significance and oversight into all UBQ’s research and development projects since the company foundation. 

Oded is a multi-talented professor, inventor, entrepreneur and author – a true Israeli innovator. He is  Professor of Protein Engineering and Nano-Biotechnology at the Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
His central research is on plant molecular biology protein engineering and nano-biotechnology, specifically Bio-Nano-composite materials.
He has authored and co-authored over 180 scientific publications, is the inventor of more than 50 patents and the founder of 12 companies.
One of the companies that he co-founded, CollPlant, produces Human recombinant Type I collagen in transgenic plants (tobacco) for medical implants used in human tissue repair.

As a renowned scientist, Oded is also frequently invited to lecture abroad and has appeared in Ted Talks a number of times. His most recent talk was translated to 21 languages with more than 1.4 million views. 

Watch the full video (Hebrew) prepared for the Award: