JOIN US – Net-Zero Supply Chain Webinar

Events December 30th, 2020

Real efforts to achieve net zero emissions cannot ignore the impact of supply chains. Nearly every industry around the world utilizes extensive supply chains and logistics products that are packed with hidden plastics – pallets, bins, crates, even hangers. Implementation of the right raw materials can transform our supply chains from liabilities into principal sustainability assets.

UBQ Materials will be addressing this topic through an interactive webinar in collaboration with Bio Market Insights, a leading professional network and event platform for the bioeconomy. Join us to hear from UBQ Materials — along with case studies from varying industries — on how making subtle production changes can result in a big environmental impact.

Speakers will include Tato Bigio, Co-Founder and CEO of UBQ Israel, and Jeffrey Hsu, Mainetti’s Global Head of Hangers and Regional Director of Business Development & Operations in the Americas. Read more about UBQ’s recent partnership with Mainetti to create a line of climate-forward hangers.

The Race to Net Zero: Leveraging the Hidden Plastic in our Supply Chains“, will take place February 17, 2021 at 6AM (PDT), 9AM (EDT), 2PM (GMT), 3PM (CET), 4pm (GMT+1), and on-demand . Luke Upton, Editor & Co-Founder of Bio Market Insights, will be hosting the interactive session.

Register to attend the webinar here (free) – looking forward to seeing you!