Our Vision for Saving the Planet

UBQ envisions a world where finite resources are infinitely reused. In this way, we aim to help rescue the planet.
We make household waste a renewable resource. Through our patented process, waste becomes UBQTM Material, an infinitely renewable thermoplastic resource with ever-expanding applicability. Quantis, a leading provider of environmental impact assessments, qualified it as the most climate positive material in the market.


UBQ Circular Model - How Does It Work?

UBQ’s revolutionary process makes new, raw material out of all Residual Municipal Solid Waste (RMSW) destined for landfills: food waste, soiled cardboard, paper and mixed plastics. By providing a highly pliant, climate-positive raw material, and displacing finite oil-based resources in the production of plastic products, we help manufacturers and brands alike to reduce their carbon footprint. The larger we scale, the more landfills are rendered obsolete, the faster carbon emissions are reduced, and the better the environment is preserved.